Finding Common Cause

Impactful Communication for Collective Action

Our words, metaphors and stories matter, especially during times of deep division. How we communicate can either invite or block collaboration; build or break down trust; uncover or bury shared values and goals. The Horizons Project is carefully curating all of our insights and convenings in a way that promotes movement building amongst the broadest coalition possible. We are conscientiously creating channels of communication to then share materials and content with key network nodes within the social justice, peacebuilding, and democracy communities in the US, including philanthropic audiences and the general public.

Working with top digital strategists, artists and creative industry leaders, we are committed to leveraging existing platforms and sources of cultural influence to galvanize the ecosystem around inclusive messages of shared goals and values, as well as ways we can take action together. Horizons will continue to lift up the expertise and learnings of our partners, prioritizing collaboration as the most important antidote to polarization and the forces that divide us.