While there is no one path to solving what ails our country, if we don’t chart a common direction of where we want to go, the forces dividing us will continue to prevail. The United States is at a crossroads, and there is no time to waste.

Weaving together all our efforts for a just, inclusive and peaceful democracy

What We Do

The Horizons team acts as organizers, conveners, facilitators, and sense-makers, striving to impact the ecosystem of social change throughout the country.

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THE VISTA: November 2022

At the time of writing our November newsletter, the results of all the US mid-term elections are still unknown. One clear win for democracy was that most of the local...

The Pillars of Support Project

While many have recognized the rising crisis of American authoritarianism, making sense of the complexity of the authoritarian system is a challenge. Is the true problem misinformation fueled by social...

THE VISTA: October 2022

As the mid-term elections in the United States are fast approaching, check out this recent article from Horizons’ Chief Network Weaver, Julia Roig, on How to Rise Above Partisan Politics...

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