Our Team

Our people and partners are at the heart of The Horizons Project. We function as one team, together building connections and sharing insights throughout our network of networks.

Julia Roig

Founder and Chief Network Weaver

Julia has more than 30 years of experience working for democratic change and conflict transformation around the world. She is best known for her ability to convene diverse coalitions and her facilitative leadership of global networks, with a special passion for narratives and creative partnerships. An organizer at heart, in her role as Chief Network Weaver, Julia is committed to bridge-building across sectors, disciplines, and cultures.

Maria J. Stephan

Co-Lead and Chief Organizer

Maria’s career has bridged the academic, policy, and non-profit sectors, with a focus on the role of people power and peacebuilding in advancing human rights, democratic freedoms, and sustainable peace in the US and globally. As Chief Organizer, Maria provides strategic and theoretical direction within Horizons to broker key relationships, curate insights and convene partnerships for collective action.


Tabatha Pilgrim Thompson

Director of Partnerships and Outreach

Tabatha has a background in community organizing, leadership development, political campaigns and facilitating dialogues to bridge domestic divides. As the Director of Partnerships and Outreach Tabatha cultivates and strengthens meaningful relationships and connections among activists, peacebuilders, democracy advocates, organizers, donors, academics, and policymakers working to advance a just, pluralistic, and peaceful democracy.

Nilanka Seneviratne

Director of Operations and Systems

Throughout Nilanka’s professional journey, he has always prioritized people and building strong relationships, playing the role of problem-solver and systems-designer to unlock the energies of any group or initiative. As the Director of Operations and Systems, Nilanka serves an essential role on the team because systems-level organizing requires careful attention to how we sense-make, adjust strategy, and communicate with our many partners.

Jonathan Pinckney

Director of Applied Research

Jonathan is a writer, researcher, and speaker passionate about using the tools of rigorous social science to better understand how historically marginalized groups can bring about change using tools of nonviolent action and peacebuilding.

Simon Bayingana

Organizing Fellow

Simon has experience in community organizing, movement building, civil resistance, and leadership mentorship. As an Organizing Fellow at The Horizons Project, Simon will support the development of meaningful research, the creation of overviews for strategic engagement of key societal pillars, build a strong mentorship platform for US fellows in organizing and movement building, and support the organizing of convening opportunities that bring together peace builders, dissidents, activists, and academics.