Mission, Vision & Values

Systems-Level Organizing

History has shown that in times of increasing political violence and democratic decline around the world, diverse movements have formed across an ecosystem of actors to protect democracy, stand for nonviolence, and demand peace.

The Horizons Project recognizes the urgency for this kind of movement to come together now in the United States. Our vision, mission and values represent our deep commitment to systems-level organizing with the existing ecosystem of social change: i.e., all those working for change with different priorities and from different vantage points across the ideological spectrum.


A just, diverse, and peaceful democracy that works for all, where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is able to thrive.


Strengthen key relationships, foster collaborations, and channel resources within the system of social change to address injustice, advance societal healing, and reimagine our democracy.


• Respect: We recognize the dignity and humanity of everyone.
• Curiosity: We want to understand how people with different backgrounds and viewpoints make sense of the world.
• Humility: We start by listening, honoring lived experience, and reinforcing and amplifying existing work and the people who do it.
• Partnership: We know that we are stronger when we work together, build one another up, and cultivate relationships for the long-term.
• Intentional Communication: We use purposeful language to communicate our shared values that help shift deep narratives of belonging and inter-connectivity.
• Inclusion: We believe that the path forward will involve a diversity of thought and approaches to truly address power imbalances and harness the ability of our society to evolve and change for the better.
• Emergence: We are committed to working together in adaptive ways that center authentic relationships.
• Solidarity: We are in this work together and are committed to love one another through shared trials and triumphs.