Finding Common Cause

Impactful Collective Action

At a time when authoritarianism and divide-and-rule politics are resurgent and democracies have been backsliding in the US and globally, there is a need for fresh approaches to pro-democracy movement building. Research has found that investments in training and cross-border learning is one of the most effective ways to build skills, relationships, and solidarity needed to block anti-democratic practices, bridge across difference, and build strong and resilient democracies. A block, bridge, and build strategy requires different approaches, tools, and skills from various disciplines and communities.

The Horizons Project is carefully curating insights, conducting research and supporting deep relationship-building across these diverse sectors and disciplines to promote movement building amongst the broadest coalition(s) possible. We are conscientiously fostering trusting relationships and strengthening channels of communication to then share materials and learnings with key network nodes within the social justice, peacebuilding, and democracy communities in the US and globally.

Learn more about three of our signature initiatives below: (1) The Growers Guild; (2) The Pillars Project; and (3) The Narrative Engagement Across Different Project.