The Horizons Braintrust

The Horizons Project Braintrust includes well-established practitioners, researchers, and funders who are actively working on democracy, human rights, peace and justice in the U.S. and internationally. Their research and practice on key topics like bridging nonviolent action and peacebuilding, preventing identity-based violence, toxic polarization, disinformation/misinformation, narratives, civic engagement and trauma healing are invaluable assets to the Horizons Project. Together with Braintrust members and our partners, we seek to jointly make sense of the ecosystem of actors and their strategies to work towards a more inclusive and just society. The Braintrust members engage with the Project by making connections, expanding the research and learnings to different audiences, and proactively breaking down barriers to improve understanding across the ecosystem.

Braintrust members currently include:

Akwasi Aidoo, Humanity United
Michelle Barsa, Omidyar Network
Peter Coleman, Columbia University
Rev. Stephen A. Green, St. Luke AME Church
Melanie Greenberg, Humanity United
Kazu Haga, Embodiment Project
John Paul Lederach, Humanity United
Laura Ligouri, Mindbridge Center
Tabitha Moore, Racial justice advocate, licensed therapist, former law enforcement officer
Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict
Connie Razza, Future Currents
Nada Zohdy, Obama Foundation