E-Book Launch: 21st Century Mediation


The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies convened this event to launch a new e-book, featuring a chapter on Adaptive Leadership for Peacebuilders written by Horizons' Chief Network Weaver, Julia Roig! "What does it mean to be a peace leader in this time? What kind of leadership is needed in a polarized world? How could organizations adapt […]

SXSW: A Culture of Peace: Narrative & Cultural Strategies

SXSW @ Austin, TX Austin Marriott Downtown, Austin, TX

You can watch Julia's SXSW 2022 presentation as she discussed how everyday citizens can help create a culture of peace by incorporating social science research on impactful framing strategies that resonate with the US public. Making peace more actionable and not passive; incorporating bridge-building metaphors into our communications and relying heavily on the value of interdependence […]

Civil Resistance in Ukraine and the Region

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12-1:30pm EDT How does civil resistance work and what can it achieve? Hosted by Notre Dame's Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, this panel shared how civilians are using strategic civil resistance to diminish the power and impact of the Russian military. In Ukraine, civilians replace road signs to confuse Russian […]

Is Nonviolence Always the Best Option?

Maria was a Discussant in a recent conversation on the limits of non-violent resistance in the context of escalating repression sponsored by The Resistance Bureau.

Do This in Memory of Me

Maria presented on the power of nonviolent, nonmilitary actions in Ukraine to Pax Christi, you can watch the video. During her discussion she referenced the following resources: University of Notre Dame/Kroc Institute Webinar, Civil Resistance in Ukraine and the Region Eli McCarthy,  5 Ways to Support Courageous Nonviolent Resistance (Waging Nonviolence) Maria J. Stephan, It’s […]

A Community-Led Approach to Revitalizing American Democracy

Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 2:00-3:30pm ET The Horizons Project is excited to be a part of the #ListenFirst coalition and co-host this event with Beyond Conflict and Urban Rural Action for the National Week of Conversation.  Watch the recording for this event. The call from all sides of the American divide is to protect and […]

12th Annual Peacemaker Awards Celebration


Julia is the featured workshop leader at Community Boards' 12th Annual Peacemaker Awards Celebration. Her workshop is entitled New Narratives for Peace. 

$75 – $150

A Citizen-Led Approach to Revitalizing Democracy


This was part of Upswell's Bridging Toward Belonging pop-up summit on June 21 from 2:10-3:10 pm ET! Watch the recording for this event and access the slide deck and resources here. At a time when authoritarianism is on the rise globally, democracy experts have been sounding the alarm bells for the global community to act […]

Facilitating and Training in Cross-Sector Movements: Turbo-Charging Efforts for Coordination and Collaboration


Public Webinar on Wednesday, September 14 from 2pm-3:30pm ET to discuss Facilitating and Training in Cross-Sector Movements: Turbo-Charging Efforts for Coordination and Collaboration. Watch the recording for this event. This event brought together movement trainers, facilitators, and organizers to discuss the current state of movement-building support in the US and how training and convening spaces […]

Unlocking Collaboration Across Difference: Exploring Narrative Practices for Broad-Based Movements in Contexts of Democratic Decline

March 29, 2023, 13:00 – 14:30 EST Watch the recording for this event. Background Amid democratic backsliding, rising authoritarianism, and the securitization of our civic spaces, activists and organizers working for democratic change are seeking to reach across deep societal divisions and work across movements. The narrative practices that social movements employ to nurture diverse […]

Bridging Towards a Just, Inclusive, Pluralistic Democracy


The Horizons Project and the Othering & Belonging Institute were energized to co-host this event for the National Week of Conversation. We explored what it means to bridge in a way that builds empathy and understanding while centering justice and our common humanity. Watch the recording for this event. Background Our society is at a […]