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Mediation for Movements: Managing Intra-Movement Conflict


Co-Hosted by The Horizons Project and the Global Grassroots Support Network Register here! The Intermestic (international-domestic) Learning Series aims to: Strengthen relationships among activists, organizers, peacebuilders, and democracy practitioners across the globe; Facilitate opportunities for cross-border learning around strategies and tactics for pushing back against authoritarianism and advancing diverse, just, and inclusive democracy; and Build […]

Bridging Towards a Just, Inclusive, Pluralistic Democracy

The Horizons Project and the Othering & Belonging Institute were energized to co-host this event for the National Week of Conversation. We explored what it means to bridge in a way that builds empathy and understanding while centering justice and our common humanity. Watch the recording for this event. Background Our society is at a […]

Unlocking Collaboration Across Difference: Exploring Narrative Practices for Broad-Based Movements in Contexts of Democratic Decline

March 29, 2023, 13:00 – 14:30 EST Watch the recording for this event. Background Amid democratic backsliding, rising authoritarianism, and the securitization of our civic spaces, activists and organizers working for democratic change are seeking to reach across deep societal divisions and work across movements. The narrative practices that social movements employ to nurture diverse […]